J25 Comparing group cohesion in interactive and coactive exercise classes


  • Yaren Su Stewart Brunel University London




Exercise classes are provided in the majority of gym memberships and provide both physical activity and social interactions. By exploring group cohesion, whether members feel part of a group when exercising. This study aims to add to current research by investigating the extent in which group cohesion differs in those who attend, an interactive group exercise class compared to those who attend a coactive group exercise class. 10 members from a pump class and 10 members from a circuit class were asked about their levels of group cohesion using the Physical Activity Group Environment Questionnaire. Results revealed that there was a higher group cohesion level in the circuits class compared to the pump class. However, there was no significant differences between classes when investigating individual attraction to group-task. The results provide implications on which exercise classes a gym should run to encourage exercise and social behaviours.