About the Journal

Instructions for Authors

Articles should represent an original piece of research, including experimental or theoretical work, applied research or experimental development. The data must have formed the basis of the lead author’s undergraduate or postgraduate empirical research project within the Northumbria University Department of Psychology. 

Please note that narrative reviews and systematic reviews are not currently accepted. Meta-analyses may be considered with prior approval depending on their scope (please contact the Editor-in-Chief before submission to discuss their suitability).

The dissertation supervisor is not required to be included on the manuscript as a co-author, although this is encouraged, with their prior agreement. However, all dissertation supervisors (or a suitable alternative member of staff within the department) must agree to the submission of the research article. A form confirming this must be completed by the supervisor/alternative member of staff at the time of mansucript submission: link to form

Articles which have been submitted without the agreement of the supervisor will be rejected, or potentially retracted, by the Editor.

Thesis projects cannot be submitted for publication until the final degree mark has been confirmed and awarded.

Abstract and keywords

Article manuscripts must include an unstructured abstract of maximum 250 words. The abstract should be submitted on a separate page. Authors will be asked for up to 5 keywords to assist with indexing and discovery.


Submissions should be in Word document (.doc/.docx) and in Arial font, size 12. Article length should be a maximum of 4,000 words. Longer articles may be accepted upon agreement; please contact the Editor by email to discuss this. Tables should be kept to a minimum and appropriately labelled in APA format.

Images and figures

Images, figures and tables should be included at an appropriate point in the manuscript. Additional supplementary materials should be appropriately labelled. Images should be of a high quality and resolution, of their original size or at least 300dpi.


All cited work should be appropriately referenced in APA style.

Research data

All articles must provide the raw data necessary to replicate the findings of the study, which will be made publicly available at the time of publication. Datasets should not contain any personal or identifiable information. Research data can be deposited into Northumbria University’s data repository (Figshare). Authors will also be asked to include a data availability statement in their submission. Data availability statements will be published as part of the article.