Ephebagogy and Clinical Legal Education

Lucy Blackburn


This article will seek to examine whether one of the reasons why Clinical Legal Education (CLE) is so effective as a teaching methodology is the age of the students participating in it. The perceived norm would be those students who are engaged in CLE will be predominantly aged between 18-25 years. The central thread of this article will examine ephebagogy as a teaching philosophy for educating this age group; discuss the main objectives of ephebagogy, and, explain how these align with CLE. This article will then explore whether ephebagogy can further enhance CLE as a teaching methodology and contribute to its ascendance to the forefront of legal education by drawing upon the accepted benefits of CLE and expand on the objectives and principles of ephebagogy as advocated by Sara Flowers.

Legal Education, Ephebagogy, Clinical Legal Education, Legal Clinic

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19164/ijcle.v27i2.962

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