Call for Papers: 2021 Inaugural Issue

Call for Papers2021 Inaugural IssueThe editors of the Journal of Legal Research Methodology welcome submissions for the journal's Inaugural Special Edition. The JLRM is an open-access peer reviewed journal by Northumbria University which publishes articles on all aspects of legal research methodology. The topic of the Special Edition is ‘Virtual Legal Research Methodology’. We invite submissions of: Articles (up to 8,000 words excluding footnotes); Review Articles (up to 5,000 words excluding footnotes); ‘File-drawer’ Papers (up to 8,000 words excluding footnotes). For further details see our Editorial Policies.We welcome submissions considering the methodology of virtual research. We would particularly welcome submissions considering how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted legal research which was previously to be conducted ‘face to face’ but was made virtual, and the impact on methodology. Submissions can be discursive ‘think pieces’ or research articles with (provisional or final) results, provided that there is significant consideration of the virtual research methodology involved. Submissions will be reflective and self-critiquing and contain detailed evaluation of ‘virtual’ legal research methodology.JLRM invites submissions considering any area of law, from any jurisdiction, and considering any form of legal research methodology provided the primary focus of the article is upon self-conscious critique of the methodology.Pieces to be considered for the Inaugural Special Edition must be submitted via the online journal submission process and by no later than 5pm on 31st March 2021.All submission will be subject to JLRM's standard peer review process.The Editorial Board would be happy to discuss prospective submissions with interested contributors.