The Art of Adapting Open Educational Resources for Street Law: Copyright the Card Game a Case Study


  • Jane Secker University of London
  • Chris Morrison University of Oxford
  • Frances Ridout Queen Mary University of London



The Street Law community is well practiced in designing bespoke activities for particular community groups. Starting with a blank canvas can often be the easier forma. How often do we consider inviting our Street Law students to adapt works, games, and materials designed for one purpose or audience (i.e. not Street Law) and transform them into a different format? This paper highlights a case study involving undergraduate law students adapting an openly licensed card game originally designed for use with academic librarians, and using it as a tool to raise awareness with sixth form students about the laws and issues of copyright.

Author Biographies

Jane Secker, University of London

Senior Lecturer in Educational Development at City, University of London.

Chris Morrison, University of Oxford

Copyright and Licensing Specialist at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford.

Frances Ridout, Queen Mary University of London

Director of the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre, Queen Mary University of London. She is a Barrister and Senior Lecturer.






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