Four Years of a Romanian Juridical Clinic 1998 – 2002


  • Romulus Gidro University Baia Mare
  • Veronica Rebreanu University Cluj-Napoca



Our target and mission as law teachers is to do our best in order to give the society well prepared jurists. How can we do that? By combining the theoretical disciplines with a practical approach, such as Clinical courses. Among other courses, as Mr. Stuckey was saying, “clinical education courses offer law students their first opportunities to discover firsthand how difficult is to be a professional lawyer”.

Based on our five years of experience, we would add that in the Romanian system of law Clinical education also shows how difficult it is to be a judge or a prosecutor.

For sure, most of the readers of this article, if not all of them, already know what Juridical Clinic means and how is it organized and functioning in the American and British, as well law faculties in other countries. The authors’ intention is to present a Romanian Juridical Clinic, the way it has been functioning so far, the conditions we were offered when we set it up, what we achieved, the difficulties we were faced with, our reasons to be satisfied of what we have done, our regrets for what we couldn’t do, leaving to the generation to come the continuation of our work.