The development of refugee law clinics in Germany in view of the refugee crisis in Europe


  • Jan-Gero Alexander Hannemann University of Goettingen
  • Georg Dietlein University of Cologne



Coming to an unknown country, seeking for refuge, having nobody anymore, because of the family murdered by a criminal regime, not being able to speak the language of the country, having no idea of the legal system – this scenario can put refugees in very difficult circumstances, especially if the refugees need legal advice concerning their situation. There is not only the pressure of getting along with the horrific experiences the refugee went through but sometimes even legal problems that have to be solved, sometimes problems that may decide whether a person can stay in the country or has to leave it.

And most of the time small issues, like how to deal with certain formalities or what steps to undertake next, are in question. This is where law clinics, especially the specialized refugee law clinics, might help.






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