The past, present and future of clinical legal education in Poland


  • Kamil Mamak Jagiellonian University
  • Katarzyna Julia Kowalska University of Warsaw
  • Ewelina Milan Lazarski University
  • Paweł Klimek Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Cracow University



This paper was written by four lecturers, who are employed at different universities located in Poland's two largest Cities: Warsaw and Cracow. Two of these universities are financed by the government and the other two are financed from students' fees. Our paper critically examines the history of clinical legal education in Poland. It also assesses the economic, legal and social background to the differences and similarities between clinical legal education and legal practice. Furthermore, the paper explains how learning outcomes have led to law clinics becoming a pedagogical and professional treasure trove for individual clinical students and the wider law faculty. The results of this research will demonstrate the invaluable role of learning outcomes to clinical education and professional development. Therefore, the paper will suggest that the methodology of clinical legal education can be employed as a model for Polish higher education.






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