Start-Ed: A Model for Commercial Clinical Legal Education


  • David Collins City University of London
  • Eric Klotz
  • Ben Robinson



This article outlines a pro bono student law clinic project focusing on providing legal assistance to startup businesses in central London. Serving more than 500 clients over this period, the clinic adapted to a number of problems by modifying its format with an emphasis on flexibility and informality. Additionally, the clinic implemented a survey in order to streamline the delivery of its advice. Data was collected from over 460 startups over a two year period between 2013 and 2015 regarding the nature of their business as well as the type of legal challenges they faced.  The study revealed the primary need for basic legal advice on a few select matters including most notably company structure. In addition to collecting data on startups in London, the clinic project is presented as both a model for successful clinical education and example of how the university sector can act to boost innovation and the entrepreneurial economy.






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