The financial challenges of clinical legal education: an example from a Zagreb law clinic


  • Barbara Preložnjak Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
  • Juraj Brozović Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb



Authors lay out the debate over the composition and direction of legal education in an era of law school’s curriculum reform and limited financial resources. Croatian Legal Aid Act created an opportunity for law students to become more actively involved in delivering primarily legal aid to local community. If law schools are not sufficiently financially resourced, they can hardly equip students with the needed skills to practice law and provide legal aid. Finally, the authors argue who should play a guiding role in financing a clinical legal education in law schools that are focused on educating students as social justice lawyers.

Keywords: clinical legal education, legal aid, financial sustainability 

Author Biographies

Barbara Preložnjak, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

Department of General Theory of Law and State, Assistant Professor

Juraj Brozović, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

Department of Civil Procedure, Research Assistant


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