Lawyering in a Digital Age: A Practice Report on the Design of a Virtual Law Clinic at Cumbria


  • Ann Thanaraj University of Cumbria
  • Michael Sales Software developer & consultant



This practice paper offers a modest proposition that could make law graduates more capable of serving their clients in a modernised and efficient manner. We propose that in addition to law clinics and other forms of experiential activities, law schools could add a new type of clinical component to their curriculum that teaches students to use technology to assist in the delivery of legal services. Digital lawyering skills will help law students learn core competencies needed in an increasingly technological profession, and it may help close the gap between offering access to justice by making legal services available online in the most accessible and convenient way possible and in equipping law graduates with a modernised and digital legal education. 

Author Biography

Ann Thanaraj, University of Cumbria

Principle Lecturer in Law



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