Do moot courts belong to high schools? And if so, under what circumstances?


  • Tereza Krupová Charles University
  • Lenka Pošíková Charles University
  • Tomáš Friedel Charles University
  • Jan Potucký Charles University



Moot courts are considered to be a common clinical legal education method. The purpose of the following article is to demonstrate advantages and disadvantages of using moot courts as a teaching method at high schools. This will be based on the experience of Street law assistants and their survey held among high school students. Gathered and analysed information will hopefully provide answers to the questions mentioned above. The article is divided into four parts. The first part introduces Charles University Law School Street Law course since it serves as prime source of our experience with high school students teaching and organising moot court. The second part deals with basic benefits and set backs of high school moot courts. The third part is dedicated to survey results presentation and the fourth part is composed of our experience of moot court organisation.

The purpose of our article is to offer basic information about the moot court simulation itself, present our survey research of high school students’ simulation perception and share our experience which might serve as encouragement for moot court organisation and also as basic advice on which common mistakes to avoid and what to pay close attention to.