Legal Education And Challenges Of Contemporary Developments In Nigeria


  • Bagoni Bukar University of Maiduguri



The development of any society is anchored on the existence of enabling environment for imparting legal education. Technological breakthrough and globalization among other things has made the provision of sound legal education to would-be lawyers and continuing legal education for lawyers, judges and academics a sine qua non at national and international levels. Hitherto, legal education was and unfortunately is still to a large extent restricted to the domain of domestic law sufficient enough to give a student broad general knowledge and exposure to other disciplines in the process of acquiring legal education. Such system of legal education which exists to date hardly if at all expose the student or the lawyer to challenges and the developments in other jurisdictions or in the emerging fields of law. A lawyer or a judge is a mirror of the system of legal education that produced him. Sadly, the laws regulating legal education, apart from being obsolete are in some cases conflicting due to the roles assigned to different and disparate organs.