Call for Papers - International Journal of Public Legal Education


The International Journal of Public Legal Education aims to promote and support the development of Public Legal Education (PLE) and to critically examine and share best practice.

PLE covers a broad range of activities aimed at educating members of the public in relation to legal rights and responsibilities including Street Law and other legal literacy programmes. ‘Public’ is defined widely to include programmes delivered by academic institutions (with or without academic credit), charities, NGO’s or other organisations and those delivered to a broad spectrum of groups including, for example, in schools, prisons or information provided to online users.

For the next issue of the journal we welcome submissions meeting the themes of the journal including:-

 The role of PLE as an instrument for community empowerment, access to justice and societal change;

 The pedagogy of PLE including design, delivery and assessment;

 PLE in a comparative context across the civil and common law worlds; and

 Empirical and theoretical research providing an evidence base for the educational and impact claims of PLE.

The journal is an international, peer-reviewed and open access journal. Further information can be found at