Special Issue - Motivation and wellbeing

Call for Papers – Special Issue

Motivation and well-being in clinical legal education


International Journal of Clinical Legal Education


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Background information


The issue of mental health is a regular news item outside of higher education.  Within the academy there are regular calls to consider the psychological well-being of both staff and students.  Issues of stress and distress in the legal profession and the need to change the culture that obstructs disclosure and support are being recognised and discussed.  In this context, is there a role for clinical legal education within legal education that provides a context for robust investigation of these issues?


Call for Papers


This peer-reviewed special issue will focus on the learning and teaching context of clinical legal education in its widest sense in order to draw out and debate the implications for motivation and well-being of all stakeholders.  Potential contributors may want to consider the following issues as relevant to this general topic:


  1. How teaching and learning in the clinical environment support or hinder motivation and satisfaction in academics or undergraduates

  2. The links between altruism, well-being and clinical legal education

  3. Hidden and visible disability and ill health

  4. Authenticity, reflection and assessment methodology

  5. Ethical concerns

  6. Emotional intelligence


We invite submissions covering any of these issues. This is an open call. We welcome papers that adopt diverse research methodologies and draw from different theoretical streams, including (but not limited to) audio-visual methods, autoethnography, collaborative research, and other forms of experimental enquiry.  


Please contact the guest editors, Caroline Strevens (caroline.strevens@port.ac.uk) or Elaine Gregersen (elaine.gregersen@northumbria.ac.uk), in the first instance by email. Deadline for proposals is Tuesday 30th April 2019.  Proposals should include the following information:


  • Title

  • Name of author[s], including title[s], role and organisation

  • Contact details: email, phone

  • Abstract:  300 words maximum


We will then invite authors to submit full texts of proposals.  Full text submissions should be marked Special Edition: Motivation and Well-being and be submitted in Microsoft Word on the IJCLE website at: http://www.northumbriajournals.co.uk/index.php/ijcle/about/submissions#authorGuidelines. Word limit: 6,000 – 8,000 words.








30 April 2019

Deadline for initial proposals (including abstracts)

31 May 2019

Final notification regarding proposals

27 September 2019

Deadline for full papers

31 October 2019

Referee reports on papers submitted to editors and passed to authors for second drafting

29 November 2019

Submission of second drafts to editors

December/January 2019

Editorial work completed and special edition submitted to journal editor




Stylesheet and further information


Style sheet, referencing guide, and background information for the journal is available at: http://www.northumbriajournals.co.uk/index.php/ijcle/about/submissions#authorGuidelines